Scholarship (Norfolk Girls Hockey)

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Personal Information

Subject Areas

Please address the following five subject areas in your application. Your submission should be typed, addressed in order of the topics listed here, and presented in Arial 12pt type. Applications may be no more than 3 pages in length plus 1 page for any “Additional Comments” as well as any supporting documentation you may wish to attach.

Supporting Documentation

In order for your application to be considered it must be accompanied by the following documentation: 1. Supporting letter from your current coach. 2. Supporting letter from your current high school IE: Principal, teacher or counsellor. This will indicate that you will have successfully completed your high school education and that you are eligible to continue on with post secondary studies during the next academic year. 3. Copy of your acceptance letter from the University or College you will be attending. 4. Copies of any documentation you may have supporting your noted volunteer activities.