Player Movement (Norfolk Girls Hockey)

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Player movement policy (Rules/regulations, not part of the constitution)
Adopted 25Aug2021


At the start of each season a player may be eligible to skate with the highest competitive category team at an older age level, depending on her ability, physical stature (for the safety of the players) and maturity. (For dressing room and overall team comfort). If the following guidelines are met and agreed to.

- Prior to the player skating with the aforementioned team, the player and her parent(s) or legal guardian will be required to request permission from the Executive Board to skate with the aforementioned team.

- The Player will be required to skate with both teams until the Executive Board decides.

- An Evaluation Committee consisting of at least three (3) persons will assess the player requesting permission to play at a higher level. One of who will be the Rep Convenor (or house league convenor if applicable)*, plus two other members of the executive, who is both knowledgeable and experienced in the evaluation of hockey players, as well have “No” ties or further ties with either team (OR) If an Executive member does not qualify, a designated Membership Adult whom has been agreed upon by the executive will take that position.

- The committee shall use an evaluation ranking form supplied by the executive, ranking all players on the ice.

- The Rep Convenor* will chair the evaluation committee.

- A player will be eligible for movement if said player is ranked top 3 in talent, ability and appropriate maturity comparable to the level they are trying out for.

- The evaluation committee will make the decision if a player is eligible for movement to the aforementioned team in the older category.

- The evaluation committee must present their evaluation to the executive before the player can sign with the older age category team.

- The executive reserve the right to make the final decision on player movement.

- The Head Coach of the higher division shall have the final decision for selecting or releasing the player.

- If the player is released they must return to their original age group.


- The players own age group does not have enough players to ice a team under the OWHA guidelines

- Underage player cannot take a place of an age appropriate player if that player(s) doesn’t have an age appropriate team to play on, unless the player wishes.

- The higher aged team can not be formed due to lack of players under OWHA guidelines.