Schedule & Results, Cassie Turner Memorial Tournament, 2019-2020 (Norfolk Girls Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 22, 2019
PEEWEE11:00 PMTalbot Stoney Creek 7-3Norfolk HERicanes
BANTAM82:00 PMTalbot Ancaster 6-3Norfolk HERicanes
INT MID153:00 PMSRC Norfolk HERicanes Black5-2Waterloo Ravens
INT MID163:00 PMTalbot Haldimand River Cats2-3Ancaster Avalanche Blue
INT MID174:00 PMTalbot Oakville Hornets Purple2-3Stoney Creek Sabres Green
PEEWEE24:00 PMSRC Port Colborne 0-8Stoney Creek
INT MID185:00 PMSRC Brantford Ice Cats9-0St. Catharines Brock Badger Grey
BANTAM95:30 PMTalbot Stoney Creek 1-2Ancaster
INT MID196:00 PMSRC Port Colborne Black2-0St. Catharines Brock Badgers Blue
INT MID206:30 PMTalbot South Point Stars4-0Haldimand River Cats
INT MID217:30 PMSRC London Devilettes2-6Norfolk HERicanes Black
PEEWEE37:30 PMTalbot Norfolk HERicanes4-0Port Colborne
BANTAM108:30 PMTalbot Norfolk HERicanes0-11Stoney Creek
INT MID228:30 PMSRC Lasalle Sabrecats4-1Brantford Ice Cats
INT MID239:30 PMTalbot Sudbury Storm2-0Port Colborne Black
INT MID249:30 PMSRC Windsor Wildcats2-1Oakville Hornets Purple
Saturday, November 23, 2019
BANTAM119:00 AMTalbot Norfolk HERicanes0-6Ancaster
INT MID259:00 AMSRC Waterloo Ravens1-2London Devilettes
INT MID2610:00 AMSRC Ancaster Avalanche Blue1-3South Point Stars
INT MID2710:00 AMTalbot St. Catharines Brock Badger Grey0-7Lasalle Sabrecats
INT MID2811:00 AMTalbot St. Catharines Brock Badgers Blue2-10Sudbury Storm
INT MID2911:00 AMSRC Stoney Creek Sabres Green0-1Windsor Wildcats
PEEWEE412:00 PMTalbot Norfolk HERicanes1-3Stoney Creek
BANTAM121:00 PMSRC Ancaster 2-1Stoney Creek
INT MID302:00 PMSRC Oakville Hornets Purple2-1Brantford Ice Cats
INT MID312:00 PMTalbot Stoney Creek Sabres Green1-3London Devilettes
INT MID323:00 PMTalbot Ancaster Avalanche Blue2-3Port Colborne Black
PEEWEE53:00 PMSRC Stoney Creek 6-0Port Colborne
INT MID334:00 PMSRC Waterloo Ravens0-6South Point Stars
INT MID344:00 PMTalbot Haldimand River Cats0-9Windsor Wildcats
INT MID355:00 PMSRC St. Catharines Brock Badger Grey0-8Sudbury Storm
INT MID365:00 PMTalbot St. Catharines Brock Badgers Blue0-10Norfolk HERicanes Black
BANTAM136:00 PMTalbot Stoney Creek 6-0Norfolk HERicanes
PEEWEE66:45 PMSRC Port Colborne 1-0Norfolk HERicanes
INT MID378:00 PMSRC Sudbury Storm6-0Port Colborne Black
INT MID388:00 PMTalbot London Devilettes1-2Lasalle Sabrecats
INT MID399:15 PMTalbot Oakville Hornets Purple0-3Norfolk HERicanes Black
INT MID409:15 PMSRC Windsor Wildcats1-2South Point Stars
Sunday, November 24, 2019
INT MID419:00 AMTalbot South Point Stars0-1Lasalle Sabrecats
INT MID4210:15 AMTalbot Norfolk HERicanes Black2-3Sudbury Storm
PEEWEE711:30 AMTalbot Norfolk HERicanes0-2Stoney Creek
BANTAM141:00 PMTalbot Stoney Creek 4-0Ancaster
INT MID432:30 PMTalbot Sudbury Storm4-1Lasalle Sabrecats
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